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REACh - Toxicology Testing Services

About MB Research Labs

MB Research Laboratories, a GLP contract research laboratory, has been conducting acute, subchronic / chronic toxicology and pharmacology studies since 1972. With expertise in many areas of in vivo and in vitro testing, research, and safety evaluations, MB Research serves the testing needs of both government and industry.

Complete support services including consultation, protocol development, quality assurance, analytical chemistry and archive facilities are integral components of studies performed at MB.

Our technical and support procedures are in full compliance with OECD, FDA, and EPA. For more information about our capabilities, please click here.

REACh Testing

In order to meet your anticipated need for the registration and evaluation of chemicals that are manufacturered or imported to the EU, MB Research Labs has positioned itself to better assist you.

We are capable of conducting acute,subchronic, chronic toxicology and pharmacology studies with standard protocols which are available to meet the product safety testing requirements of many regulatory agencies, or tailored to meet the specific need.

    Available Standard Protocols:
  • Acute Oral Toxicity
  • Acute Dermal Toxicity
  • Acute Inhalation Toxicity
  • Dermal Sensitization
  • Subchronic Oral Toxicity
  • Subchronic Dermal Toxicity
  • Phototoxicity
  • In Vitro and Alternative Testing Methods are also available.
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