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Cosmetic Testing Services

Cosmetic Toxicology Testing.

In Vitro and Alternative Toxicology Assays

MB Research has been conducting product safety assessments for the cosmetics, personal care, chemical and pharmaceutical industries for over 40 years and is often sought out by Cosmetics Industry Leaders to ensure the safety their ingredients and aid in the rapid development of products.

MB Research Scientists develop and conduct in vitro and alternative toxicology testing assays such as nitric oxide production, melanin transfer, cell proliferation, apoptosis, ocular irritation, dermal irritation, phototoxicity, angiogenesis / antiangiogenesis and corrosivity.

We are a leader in the use and development of In Vitro and Alternative Toxicology Tests and continue to introduce new testing methods regularly.

More information about specialized research projects is available by calling us directly and speaking with Client Services.

Cosmetic, Beauty, Healthcare Products

Cosmetic, Beauty and Healthcare product industries are subject to global regulatory requirements such as the EU Cosmetics Directive (76/768/EEC) in response to growing concern over the safety of cosmetic products and their ingredients.

Current available test models are listed below:

In Vitro Toxicology Tests

  • Cytotoxicity
  • Dermal Irritation
  • Ocular Irritation
  • Dermal Corrosivity

Alternative Toxicology Tests

  • Ocular Irritation
  • Dermal Irritation
  • Dermal Sensitization

Photobiology/Phototoxicology Studies

  • In Vitro Photo(cyto)toxicity
  • Photoallergy

Specialized Studies

  • Melanin Transfer
  • Skin Whitening
  • 3-D Human Tissue Constructs Testing
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