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Advancing In Vitro Toxicology Testing

Three dimensional human tissue constructs have proven to be very effective screening tools for irritation and corrosivity testing.

These 3D tissues have been useful in development of alternative, non-animal test methods. Tissue constructs have been utilized for many years for ocular and dermal toxicity screening at MB Research Labs for the cosmetic, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical industries.

Other tissue types (buccal, brochial, vaginal, dermal, ocular, tanned epidermis) that exhibit in vivo-like morphological and growth characteristics are available from various vendors. MB Research frequently works closely with these manufacturers to develop innovative testing protocols that fit our clients' needs.

More and more interest in the utility of these 3D in vitro test models has increased especially since their use reduces the number of animals used in toxicology testing.

Other In Vitro Toxicology methods and models may be available upon request.

3D Tissue Technology

Typical Endpoints

  • Cytotoxicity - MTT
  • Cytokine Production
  • Histology

Available Tissue Models

  • Skin/Dermal
  • Eye/Ocular
  • Inhalation - Airway
  • Intestinal
  • Oral/Buccal & Gingival
  • Melanocyte co-cultured
  • Hepatocyte spheroids
  • Other models are available