In Vivo Assay Services

Acute, Subchronic, Chronic Toxicology Studies

Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) Compliant

MB specializes in the conduct of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) compliant toxicology assays. MB Research studies are designed to meet the requirements of the applicable regulatory agencies, or tailored to meet your specific needs.

MB Research offers more than 40 years experience in the conduct of acute, sub-chronic and chronic toxicology studies designed to meet the regulatory guidelines.

Regulatory Guidelines

Regulatory In Vivo Toxicology
  • OECD – Guidelines for Testing Chemicals, Section 4: Health Effects
  • FDA – Redbook II, 1993, Toxicology Principals – Safety Assessment of Direct Food Additives and Color Additives Used in Food
  • EPA-OPPTS/OCSPP – Health Effects Test Guidelines
  • FHSA (16 CFR Federal Hazardous Substance Act)
  • DOT (49 CFR 173 Shippers General Requirements for Shipments)
  • ISO/USP – International Organization for Standardization / United States Pharmacopeia
  • ICH – International Conference on Harmonization
  • REACh – Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals

In Vivo

  • Pharmacology
  • In Vivo Efficacy
  • Toxicokinetics / Pharmacokinetics
  • Neurotoxicity Screen Studies (Functional Observational Battery)
  • Mouse Ear Swelling Test
  • Oral Mucosal Irritation (Hamsters, Rats)
  • Oral Tissue Corrosivity (Rats)
  • Vaginal & Anal Mucous Membrane Irritation (Rabbits)
  • Medical Device Testing – Subcutaneous Implant
  • Intra-vaginal Irritation (Rabbits)
  • Penile Irritation (Rabbits)
  • Comedogenicity Assay (Rabbits)
  • Photo-Sensitization (Rabbits, Mouse – Photo-LLNA)
  • Photo-Toxic Irritation (Rabbits, Mice)

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