MatTek EpiDerm™ - In Vitro Draize Dermal Alternative Tissue Model

3-Dimensional Human Tissue Constructs.  In Vitro Toxicology Assessment.


EpiDerm™ is 3-dimensional human tissue construct of non-transformed human keratinocytes organized into basal, spinous, and granular layers along a multi-layered stratum corneum with an air-liquid interface.

These tissues also exhibit in vivo-like morphological and growth characteristics that allow topical application to the surface of the tissue which mimics the route of human exposure.

Main method endpoint is the MTT ET-50 Tissue Viability Assay, but additional endpoints can be derived, including pro-inflammatory mediators, such as IL-1, IL-18, TNF-alpha, etc...

EpiDerm™ has been successfully utilized in alternative in vitro toxicology tests for dermal corrosivity, skin irritation, and phototoxicity.

Applications: product development/efficacy, claims substantiation, safety assessment, and target organ research applications.

MB Research Labs is a MatTek-approved contract testing laboratory for EpiDerm™ and EpiOcular™ product evaluations.

EpiDerm and EpiOcular are trademarks of MatTek Corporation.

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