Cytotoxicity Testing

Rapid and Cost-Effective Tool to In Vitro Screening for Toxicity Potential

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Cytotoxicity Testing

Cytotoxicity testing is a rapid and cost-effective tool to screen for potential toxicity before a compound enters expensive advance testing and development. MB Research has extensive experience with cytotoxicity in murine keratinocytes and fibroblasts, human and other primary cell lines from different sources (ECACC, ATCC )

MB conducts Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) compliant in vitro cytotoxicity assessments for the cosmetic, consumer product, chemical, biotech and pharmaceutical industries.

Agar Overlay or MEM Elution

  • For medical device applications.
  • Agar Overlay Assay - Test Sample is placed onto an agar surface overlaid onto a monolayer of L929 cells. Neutral red dye is used to differentiate between the viable, stressed or lysed cells.
  • MEM Elution Assay - designed to show the presence of toxic material eluted from a test sample as it affects L929 cells cultured in the presence of the extract.

Keratinocyte/Fibroblast Viability Assay (Neutral Red or MTT)

MB Research uses normal human primary epidermal keratinocytes or fibroblasts (or mouse keratinocytes and fibroblasts)

  • Cells are representative of the eye and skin epithelium
  • Human cells are derived from neonatal, adolescent, or aged donors
  • Cytokine expression or release (LDH, PGE-2, interleukins) can be measured
  • Low serum or serum free protocol options are available

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