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Corrositex® - OECD 435 Non-Animal Dermal Corrosivity Test for Packing Group Classification


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What is Corrositex®?

Corrositex® is an in vitro method used to determine the dermal corrosive potential of chemicals and chemical mixtures.

Corrositex® has been designed as a replacement for the dermal corrosivity rabbit test based upon proprietary biomembrane and chemical detection technology developed by In Vitro International.

Why Use Corrositex®?

Saves Time Time Savings: Corrositex® testing can provide a Packing Group determination in a matter of minutes and no more than 4 hours, unlike animal testing which can take 2 - 4 weeks.
Accuracy Accuracy: More accurate than pH testing and is packing group specific.
Savings Cost Savings: Reduced shipping charges, additional cost savings workplace safety and MSDS development.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Why Should I Have Corrositex Performed at MB?

Can I get a discount for having multiple products tested?

If my test material doesn't cause a change in color in the Corrositex® chemical detection fluid, what then?

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How the Test Works?

Corrositex® is a non-animal alternative toxicology test. Although not a classical "in vitro" test, Corrositex® uses a synthetic membrane-based detection system to determine the UN packing group classification of chemicals, consumer products or other hazardous materials. The results, expressed as a break-through time, correlate well with rabbit dermal corrosivity tests.

In the Corrositex® testing system, a glass vial filled with a chemical detection fluid is capped by a proprietary bio-barrier membrane, which is designed to mimic the effect of corrosives on living skin.

Corrositex® measures the time required for a test article to pass through a hydrated collagen matrix and supporting filter membrane. As the corrosive sample passes through or destroys this bio-barrier, the underlying liquid Chemical Detection System changes color or texture. The time it takes for the sample to break through the membrane is recorded and compared to a classification chart to determine corrosivity/noncorrosivity for assignment of the proper U.N. Packing Group classification for U.S. DOT or EPA compliance.

Regulatory Acceptance?

The following regulatory agencies accept Corrositex®.

Department of Transportation - DOT-SP 10904

Original exemption granted April 28, 1993

Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)

Formal Acceptance, NIEHS press release dated March 21, 2000

European Centre for the Validation of Alternative Methods (ECVAM)



Approval July 19, 2006

EPA Federal Register / Vol. 60, No. 142 Dermal Corrosion

Method 1120 June 13, 1997
Formal Acceptance, NIEHS press release dated 3/21/00

Food & Drug Administration (FDA)

Formal Acceptance, NIEHS press release dated 3/21/00

International Air Transportation Association (IATA)

Letter of acceptance dated December 17, 1993

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS)

Endorsement dated 6/22/99

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

Letter of Interpretation dated March 3, 1994
Formal Acceptance, NIEHS press release dated 3/21/00

Transport Canada - Permit For Equivalent Level of Safety SU 4483

Original approval 8/14/96
Additional renewal 9/18/98
Additional renewal 1/15/01
Full Draize Replacement Acceptance 3/5/02

MB Research is an authorized Corrositex® testing laboratory.

For Searching Corrositex Assay Test Results, you may purchase results from the Corrositex® Database provided by Invitro International.

More information about Corrositex® can be found at the following:

MB Research began utilizing Corrositex® in 1996 and has since developed and validated more alternative and in vitro toxicology assays.

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MB Research Laboratories performs the Corrositex® test as a featured assay. For more information about MB Research and our other in vitro and alternative toxicology tests, see: